FinLand of Santa Clause 2016

Backdated my memorable trip in Dec 2016. It’s so unforgettable and magical. What took me so so long to pen this down! Oh R I still miss you sooo. This was the best trip with youl

We signed up a package tour with an agency departing on 22 dec 2016. These 2 pictures were taken just before we board the aircraft. With one of my best friend and R.

Hello from the plane when we were transiting from Frankfurt to Helsinki.

Hello there, finally arrived at Helsinki after 15 hours long haul flight from Singapore. We were freezing!!while we were waiting for our luggages. So picture first.

Here we are at Helsinki city center after checking into our hotel. We are famished n cold.

We rested early after our meal and all ready for our tour around the next day!

The first place we visited was Porvoo, Finland. A small and quaint town with lots of scenic view and photos opportunities.

Finally resting our feet and had a cuppa of the best ice chocolate despite of the cold in a small but cozy cafe.And not to forget my favorite photo with R. How beautiful!

Continue exploring Porvoo and spotted this cute church.

Heading Lapland after Porvoo.

LapLand, where the adventure begins

Weeeee…. finally arrived at Rovaniemi. White snowy view in front of me. Coming from tropical sunny Singapore, I could not conceal my excitement and awed the whole time I was there. Took a domestic flight from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. More pics to come!!

The colors on the sky were beautiful and so were those snowy scene.

Rested early at a old hotel that night. But we walked out hoping to catch a glimpse of the northern light. But 2-3hours later, we walked back to the room with disappointment.

On Xmas eve, 24th day 2016 was the most memorable Xmas I ever had. Not only I spent Xmas in the land of Santa Claus but we spent Xmas eve night in a glass igloo. Wasn’t that amazing!! No sign of northern lights again cz it was snowing heavily.

The glass igloo wasn’t the best place to sleep in cz there’s only a tiny dry toilet but it was cosy n warm inside. I slept well that night.

Next day, we checked out of the glass igloo and had a full day of activities. We rode the snowmobile and husky dog and reindeer ride. It was fun!


That’s the link to the snowmobile ride ☝🏻

It was a pity there isn’t any photos of the husky ride cz it was too dark. But these were taken at the husky ride place and only 1 for reindeer ride.